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This overview details the course and its benefits for both the participant and the company, how we engage with you to deliver the course and many more details.

  •  Detailed run-through the one day workshop
  •  Benefits for the participant
  •  Benefits for the sponsoring organisation.

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Princeopoly  is designed to provide organisations that have project teams with a focused, practical tutorial that enables students to appreciate and understand the project management cycle from the beginning to the end.

The one day course is applicable to staff at all levels of seniority and experience - often reminding project executives of the practicalities and daily actions that produce a successful project outcome.

PreparationPreparation wins the game

After we have gathered the student list and email addresses, we send out a set of documents to each student.

These documents contain an outline of the project objectives, a Project Initial Document (PID) and other information which, if read through by the student, will allow that person to 'hit the ground running' with a clear view of the day's objectives and the methods through which the student will successfully progress through the day.


The Project Executive

He must be obeyedThe event is managed by two experienced Project practitioners. One oversees the 'business game', ensuring that any game rules are fully explained and ensures that the very tight timelines are adhered to throughout the day.


The second practitioner is the Project Executive. He provides an overview to the 'Project Team' and appoints the first of several Project Managers from the group.


Tutorial Themes

The 1 day course takes the students through several cycles of design & build, each cycle being managed by a succession of Project Managers selected by the Project Executive.

There is a layered approach to the day with each cycle revealing an aspect of successful project management that, through these practical exercises, are experienced by all members of the Project Team. These themes include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Team management and leadership
  • Communication issues; local and remote team members.
  • How to manage your Project board.
  • Risk & Issues management
  • Financial management
  • Project Control
  • Documentation; practical usage.



Which Project Method?


PRINCE2 is a well respected, stable project management framework used by hundreds of organisations.

We recognise that businesses often adopt or develop a Project Management framework that more closely suits the culture and accepted processes. In these cases, we can, in consultation with training managers, develop and deliver variants of Princeopoly that reflect these cultural differences.

Contact us to discuss this approach in more detail.

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