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PRINCEOPOLY Course OverviewThe Princeopoly  course is managed, throughout the day, by two experienced Project Management Practitioners. Each takes a particular role:

  • Game Leader
    The game leader ensures that the business game rules are understood and complied with throughout the day. Additionally, he ensures that timescales for interim milestones are kept, in order to ensure that the whole project completes within a single day... It can be quite a hectic day!
  • Project Executive
    The other practitioner carries out the role of project executive to whom the (current) project manager reports - with agreed documentation to support that report. When not directly interfacing with the PM, he observes the team  and notes the performance, attitude, commitment and skills that student brings to the team in order to fulfill the project objectives.


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Post ProjectA Sample Princeopoly Report

During the course day, photographs are taken of the students - both individually and as they carry out their project tasks (this is always done with the students' permission).  Once the day is complete, the course practitioners meet to debrief the day and collectively provide an assessment of the students through several performance indicators. This is not a 'tick-in-the-box' exercise but a quality based thorough report. This is then provided to the course sponsor for final approval.

For a complete example of one of our course reports, please click here.
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Which Project Method?

PRINCE2 is a well respected, stable project management framework used by hundreds of organisations.

We recognise that businesses often adopt or develop a Project Management framework that more closely suits the culture and accepted processes. In these cases, we can, in consultation with training managers, develop and deliver variants of Princeopoly that reflect these cultural differences.

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How the Student benefits
How the organisation benefits
Student Evaluation & Reports

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